Anderson, Kevin J. – The Winds of Dune
The unscheduled ship loomed in orbit over Caladan, a former
Anderson, Kevin J. – Paul of Dune
A serene ocean of sand stretched as far as the
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson – Navigators of Dune
The Emperor’s ceremonial barge orbited high above Salusa Secundus, in
Anderson, Kevin J. – Red Plague
Even in his dreams, he could still hear the long-ago
Kevin J. Anderson – Mentats of Dune
The great Mentat School was his—from the initial concept seven
Anderson, Kevin J. – Sisterhood of Dune
It has been eighty-three years since the last thinking machines
Anderson, Kevin J. – Sandworms of Dune
Aboard the wandering no-ship Ithaca, Jessica witnessed the birth of
Anderson, Kevin J. – Hunters of Dune
On the day he died, Rakis—the planet commonly known as